You Can Withdraw Rice From This ATM In This Country

Do You Know About Rice ATM ?

It is common to withdraw money from ATM but not so common are these rice ATM’s. We have seen water ATM’s that dispense water when we drop coins into the machine.  Now you would be wondering to know about these rice dispensing machines.

Let us find out more about these latest machines.

BAZNAS and Indonesian company in Greater Jakarta has developed a rice giving ATM machine to serve the poor people. Any one who has a member card can take rice from rice ATM machine. The machine is connected via GSM and the RFID card works with sensor. When the user places the card near the sensor on the machine, the rice is dispensed into the tray at the bottom of the machine.

Each Rice ATM has capacity of 1000 kgs and 1 kg rice is dispensed in one withdrawal. Maximum 8 kgs of rice can be taken by single card in a month. This machine is currently operates at 10 locations in Greater Jakarta.

This is how the Rice ATM works.

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You Can Withdraw Rice From This ATM In This Country
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