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We bring you the most interesting and fun facts from around the world. Read them to gain knowledge or spend time learning something useful.

* About 100 kg of honey can be made from one honey comb in one year.

* 92 percent of money that we are using in the world is in digital numbers in the computers. Only 8 percent currency is used in the notes and coins form.

* Ancient Egyptians are the people who have made the pen about 6000 years ago.

* About 1 ton material is used to store 5 MB data in a computer in 1950's.

* Untill 18th century British Royal families used to speak in French. English is the language for common people.

* Gifting a watch in China means "it's end of our relation".

* There is no chance of hearing any kind of sound or noise in space as sound waves do not travel in space. Astronauts use walkie talkies even  when they are close.

* In British rule in India only deaf people are used to swing hand held fans. As they couldn't hear the conversations will be safe.

* Ducks can sleep while opening one eye.

*  The living being that is living at highest  point  of all is "Jumping spiders". They live in Himalayas at 22000 ft height.

* According to an estimate about 5.3 liters of tooth paste is used in a year in the world.

* The prominent scientist who contributed to science of evolution Charles Darwin is the known first inventor of revolving chair.

* ISRO is in its early stages has launched rockets from a church premises in Kerala. As there are no petrol and diesel less vehicles for them at that time, rocket spares were transported on bicycles and bullock carts.

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Interesting and Fun Facts Around The World - I
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