Do You Know Foods that Keep Foreign People Healthy ?

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We Indians eat some variety of foods but did you ever think what do Japanese and Italians eat ? Do you know why their cuisine is so popular all over the world ? Lets us find out.
Healthy Japanese Food
Japanese food is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world because they add large amounts of   different vegetables. Green and leafy vegetables like cabbage and spring onions are widely used in Japanese food. They consume very less carbohydrates. Japanese people use seasonal spices in their food. They drink green tea along with their food. These foods provide essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and increase immunity. 

Greeks and Italians are good at using Olive oil which is considered a good source of Vitamins A, K and E and many other healthy elements. They  use olive oil in almost all the foods they cook. They also eat lot of green salads. Pasta made with prawns and lemon is cooked regularly at home.

Koreans like Japanese eat lot of vegetables. Kimchi is their favourite food, which is made with radish, cabbage and ginger. Foods they eat keep them very healthy. They regularly eat vegetables pieces along with their food.

Chinese people food mostly consists of beans, soya, rice, dark soya sauce, ginger, garlic. In winter they consume sesame oil that keep them warm and healthy.

So this is a small list of foods other country people eat. One catch for good health is to cook and eat slow boiled food than oil fried foods.

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