How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently ?

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How to delete Snapchat account is the biggest question users come across. We all know that snapchat is addictive but for some reasons if you decide to remove or delete snapchat account permanently then you can follow the below simple steps.
To delete snapchat account, you need to go to a browser like Google chrome, opera, firefox, ucbrowser etc because the deletion process cannot be done on Snapchat app. We have given few easy steps, follow them and you are done.
  •  Open any browser and visit the following link 
  • Enter the Snapchat username and password. Click I,m not a robot field to confirm you are not any autobot and click submit.
  • On the next page re enter your password and click Delete Account button. Now your Snapchat account is gone.
Note: Make sure before deleting Snapchat because you cannot restore or undo it. However you can get a new account on the same number but friends, conversation list and other settings will be gone.

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jockman said...

Thanks for sharing, I deleted Snapchat following these steps.

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