IRCTC Registration New Account Signup Process

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Welcome to IRCTC Registration signup process support and help website. This website will guide and help people in registration, book tickets, cancel tickets, check trains and check pnr status. We hope you will love the our website whether you are new user or a regular user of IRCTC.

Learn how a IRCTC registration signup process is done in the step by step support guide.

People in India usually love to travel by many sources of travel but Indian Railways are the cheapest, fastest and comfortable mode of transport.

To travel in Indian Trains people have to book tickets, reserve tickets at a railway station, agent or IRCTC website. If you want to buy a Indian train ticket online you should follow these simple steps.
Go to

Copy and paste above link in a browser and you will see a page like below.

Before IRCTC registration  you should have a valid or working email id and a mobile phone number.

•    First field you need to enter is user Id. It is a mandatory field. Mandatory fields are indicated by a red start mark.  User ID should be  between 3 to 10 characters and letters, number and only underscore are allowed.

                 Eg: srujan123, srujan_123, srujank

•     Second field you should enter is a new password. It should have minimum 8 and maximum 15 characters. There should be compulsory capital letter, small letter and number.

Eg: Railways123, railwayS455 or any other similarly strong password.

•    In the third field you should enter the same password you entered in the second filed. It is just to confirm the new password.

•    In next filed you will be prompted to select a security question from 8 questions that will be helpful to recover password if you forget.

                  Eg: Security question >  What is your pet name ?

•    Fifth field is to enter a answer for the selected above question.

                 Eg: tommy

•    Language selection field has option to select English and hindi language as preferred language.

 After entering above details, you will see the options to enter personal details like First Name,  Middle Name (optional), Last name, gender, martial status,  date of birth, occupation, Aadhar card No (optional), PAN card no (optional), email, mobile no and nationality.

Email id and mobile number should be valid and working because you will get a OTP to verify the same.

The next is Residential Address section where you are required to enter Falt/Block/Door no, street, locality, country, pin code, state, City/Town, nearby post office and phone number. There is a choose option below which asks Copy Residence to office Address with Yes & No options. If you choose YES it means residence and office address is same but if you select NO you will be prompted to enter office address separately below.

After entering all the details you can see a captcha code that should be entered into the below filed on the same page. As captcha code is case sensitive you should enter only capital letters or upper case  only. If you cannot see thee captcha code correctly, there will be a refresh option to generate a new code.

The last step is to click Submit Registration form option shown like below
If all the details are correct you will be redirected to a web page where you will be asked to login. Enter user id and password and captcha to login. Then you will find option to verify mobile number and email id. Click on verify then you will get OTP to your mail and mobile, Go to email & mobile phone sms and enter the OTP in the IRCTC website and start using services.

This is a simple process to book tickets, do ticket reservation, cancel tickets, check pnr, check trains availability, check seats availability in Indian trains official IRCTC website.

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This is very simple irctc registration process

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Thank you for guiding me to irctc new registration

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I will buy a new train ticket

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This irctc registration process and method is very easy. I bought tickets very fast on irctc website compared to others. Thanks for the information.

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IRCTC is one of the primary Railway Network in the world,One can book train tickets, check pnr status,cancel train tickets etc.If you plan your journey then you get all information related to routes and timings of trains to IRCTC protal.

irctc sign up

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