Akshay Kumar is Neighbour of This Hero Who Bought Flat For Rs 55.6 Crore

Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor has bought a new home in Mumbai. It is a duplex flat. The new home of Shahid Kapoor costs about Rs 55.60 crores as per the Bollywood sources. The handsome hero has already paid Rs 2.19 crores for registration reveals the sources. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ahIGMHu3LQ0/WQSLFo0w1hI/AAAAAAAAwdg/FNpgoJqUA7UBkaZ6Ax-5x_oG0fuz_Tl5ACLcB/s1600/Capture1.PNG
Shahid Kapoor’s new duplex flat is 8625 sq ft. This new house is located on the 42nd and 43rd floors in Tower B of Three Sixty West.

In this deal Shahid will get 6 car parking places in this building. The new flat is registered in the name of Shahid and Mira. The couple are currently living in Praneta building located in Juhu Tara Road.

Shahid has got Akshay Kumar as neighbor who bought a flat for Rs 27.94 crores in August 2015. Another Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan has purchased a flat in the same building for Rs 41.14 crores in November 2014.

Three Sixty West Project is a joint venture of Sahana and Oberoi Realty. Tower A will be occupied by The Ritz Carlton and Tower B will be a residential building

This Well Dissappeared Without Any Magic, Do You Know How ?

Well Disappears in Kerala

We have seen many magic shows from over the world performed by the greatest magicians on the earth. With their super skills magicians vanished coins, handkerchiefs, cars, aeroplanes and even humans. But do you know who is the best magician of all time ? It's the mother nature. Yes it's true and you would believe it if you see this video.
Now it's true.But it's isn't magic but it is the fury of mother nature.

This incident happened in Ambukuthi in Wayanad district in Kerala. This public well called Muthassi Kinar, Grand mother well in English has collapsed and sunk into the earth. People started shooting the video on their mobile phones when they heard sounds coming out of the well. Suddenly in a minute the well collapsed, sunk and disappeared.

The locals are feeling sad for losing a well which gave them water for several years.

You Can Withdraw Rice From This ATM In This Country

Do You Know About Rice ATM ?

It is common to withdraw money from ATM but not so common are these rice ATM’s. We have seen water ATM’s that dispense water when we drop coins into the machine.  Now you would be wondering to know about these rice dispensing machines.

Let us find out more about these latest machines.

BAZNAS and Indonesian company in Greater Jakarta has developed a rice giving ATM machine to serve the poor people. Any one who has a member card can take rice from rice ATM machine. The machine is connected via GSM and the RFID card works with sensor. When the user places the card near the sensor on the machine, the rice is dispensed into the tray at the bottom of the machine.

Each Rice ATM has capacity of 1000 kgs and 1 kg rice is dispensed in one withdrawal. Maximum 8 kgs of rice can be taken by single card in a month. This machine is currently operates at 10 locations in Greater Jakarta.

This is how the Rice ATM works.

This is Why Shah Rukh Khan Married Gauri So Early

Bollywood badshah Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan are undoubtedly the most applauded celebrity couple in India. Shahrukh married Gauri when he is working as an Television actor. He didn't enter into films at that time and only has acted in few Television shows.
Shah Rukh’s recent instagram reply to a fan on asking why he got married early is absolutely a strong committed answer and will make his fans amuse.

So what did SRK answer ? “Bhai love aur luck kabhi bhi aajate hain. So both came early with Gauri,”.

SRK and Gauri dated for 6 years and got married in 1991. Now they have three children Aryan, Abram and Suhana.

Sharukh’s upcoming film Zero is expected to be released in December 2018. The movie stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma as female leads and is directed by Anand L Rai.

Sanju Movie Crosses 300 Crores Mark

Ranbir Kapoor starred and Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial movie Sanju is released in theaters on June 29th and from then there is no looking back for the movie on the box office front. We all know that Sanju movie is based on the real life story of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. Earlier before release of the movie there were doubts on the movie’s success, but Ranbir’s exceptional performance and Rajkumar Hirani’s magical direction made Sanju movie a super duper hit.

“Sanju” movie has satisfied both audiences and critics. The film is not only a commercially successful film but also got accolades from the critics as the movie has good filmy values. This movie is first of its kind as it is a biopic of a present generation actor. Usually biopics are made on older generation or expired people.

The box office figures show it all about the commercial success of Sanju movie. It has entered into 300 crore club with ease in its third week itself. The movie is made on budget of 80 crores which includes promotional costs as well. As of date according to box office reports the movie earned 319 crores. It means it earned a profit of Rs 230 crores till date.

This Friday Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar starring movie Dhadak is all set to release. We have to wait and see how it will effect the running of Sanju. Until then there is no stopping.

Cleaning Is An Art and This Guy Proves It True

Cleaning is a tiring job for many of us. Yes whether you accept that or not. But when you watch this amazing viral video all your thoughts about cleaning will change. It's for sure.
chines guy table cleaning viral video
The super cool video showing a Chinese or might be Filppino guy cleaning a rotating table has went viral on the internet and flooded with many positive comments.

The 15 second video shared on the internet shows us a guy in a red T Shirt wearing sunglasses and a lady in green apron.The guy keeps cleaning the rotating table in his own unique way while the lady in green apron dances and claps to some music.

One would wonder what is there in the cleaning but the red dress guy with a floor cleaning mop removes all the soap water on the revolving table in a so unique way, that like it looks like an art. The water is completely mopped into a tray without spilling on to the sides. One more thing we can notice is that the guy does all the cleaning with only one hand while hand keeps spinning the table.

While the guy does the job, the apron lady so happily keeps clapping and dancing. The people on the internet are happy with both of them.

Interesting and Fun Facts Around The World - I

We bring you the most interesting and fun facts from around the world. Read them to gain knowledge or spend time learning something useful.

* About 100 kg of honey can be made from one honey comb in one year.

* 92 percent of money that we are using in the world is in digital numbers in the computers. Only 8 percent currency is used in the notes and coins form.

* Ancient Egyptians are the people who have made the pen about 6000 years ago.

* About 1 ton material is used to store 5 MB data in a computer in 1950's.

* Untill 18th century British Royal families used to speak in French. English is the language for common people.

* Gifting a watch in China means "it's end of our relation".

* There is no chance of hearing any kind of sound or noise in space as sound waves do not travel in space. Astronauts use walkie talkies even  when they are close.

* In British rule in India only deaf people are used to swing hand held fans. As they couldn't hear the conversations will be safe.

* Ducks can sleep while opening one eye.

*  The living being that is living at highest  point  of all is "Jumping spiders". They live in Himalayas at 22000 ft height.

* According to an estimate about 5.3 liters of tooth paste is used in a year in the world.

* The prominent scientist who contributed to science of evolution Charles Darwin is the known first inventor of revolving chair.

* ISRO is in its early stages has launched rockets from a church premises in Kerala. As there are no petrol and diesel less vehicles for them at that time, rocket spares were transported on bicycles and bullock carts.