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Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review-15 Days

Vince on 25 July, 2016 | 12:17 pm

25 July, 2016

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review is mainly focused on the quality, effectiveness, side effects and the price of the cream.This review is based on the it's effect on the skin after 15 days usage.
What does Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream  claim ?
It claims to be a breakthrough skin care that is specifically made for Men's skin.
  • Contains UV filters and licorice extracts that helps in reducing dark spots on the skin.
  • Extra Light
  • Non greasy
  • Fast absorbing
  • Approved dermatologically for skin compatibility.
Ingredients used:
Aqua Glycerin
Celearyl Alcohol
Alcohol Denat
Alkyl Benzoale
Distartch Phosphale and others

First reason I bought this product is to reduce some dark spots on my forehead and on the neck. After researching for few minutes online about dark spot reduction creams, I decide to buy Nivea Dark Spot Reduction cream at price Rs 180 for 75ml flat tin. You too can buy it online or at retail shops for less price.

Why Nivea ?
Yes many may wonder, why did you choose Nivea dark spot reduction ? The answer is simple I have been using Nivea moisturizer from childhood though I missed it for few years I know how it works on the skin. So now it is like moisturizer referred dark spot reduction cream !

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream Review
I opened the good looking Nivea dark spot reduction cream tin. Under the cap the cream is covered by a silver paper, I opened it carefully that it didn't tear off, wanted to cover it back after the use. The cream looked smooth. I just washed the face with water and took good amount of  Nivea cream into my fingers and put small batches of it all over the face and rubbed it slowly.

What did I notice?
  1. Nivea men dark spot reduction cream easily spreads on the skin.
  2. Absorbs fast like they claimed
  3. When I see into mirror after applying this cream, I noticed that skin looked oily but it feels soft when touched with hands. So it acts as a good moisturizer also.
  4. Felt mild itching on some part of the face when I applied  cream for first time on my face. Second time I didn't notice any discomfort.
  5. Dark spots didn't go. It would be foolish to expect result in one day.
So from today I am going to give updates for the next 15 days on how effective is Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream on my skin. Did it remove my dark spots? Did it improve my skin colour ? Did it have any negative impact ?

Day 1-(24/7/16) Applied the cream in the afternoon and again before going to bed after cleaning with water. A small bit of cream touched my eyes which I didn't notice but  after few minutes it started mild burning sensation. Cleaned completely with water. So don't rush ( like we men always do ) while applying this cream.

Day 2-(25/7/16) On opening the lid, I smelled it like whiskey. May be because of licorice content in the cream. Applied the cream two times in the day.

Day 3-(26/7/16) Face looked more oily today after applying the Nivea cream. Weather is humid at my place. So I had full sweating.

Day4-(27/7/16) Applied cream only in the morning. Did not notice any change in the dark spot reduction.

Day5-(28/7/16) Did not see any change. Observed new acne on forehead.

Day6-(29/7/16) Applied two times in the day. Did not see any noticeable change.

Day7-(30/7/16) Noticed skin getting dark and acne on the forehead haven't gone. 

Day8-(31/7/16) Stopped using this cream time being. Sorry guys. I will now use it as body moisturizer.  

What I noticed: I have used it for 8 days only, so I am not sure it will remove the dark spots or not. Acne have come up on my face, so I had to stop using it. May be my skin is not suitable. The only good thing I noticed about Nivea Darkspot cream is that it made by skin soft. 
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Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review & Price

Vince on 22 July, 2016 | 11:49 pm

22 July, 2016

Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste is the product of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved which is giving a tough fight for long established toothpaste brands in India. In today world people have become more health conscious. Daily more and more people are buying food, beauty and health products that have natural and ayurvedic properties. Patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream is one such Ayurvedic  tooth paste that has many natural ingredients. 
Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste Review
Patanjali Dant Kanti dental cream claims to have a big list of natural ingredients in it like akarkara, neem, babool, tomar, pudina, peepal, vajrdanti, bakool, peelu and others.

It claims to give effective protection for your teeth that tightens gums and fights germs. Some benefits of using Patnjali Dant Kanti dental cream are it makes a natural protective layer around the gums and teeth to fight against  germs for 24 hours.  It helps in fighting dental problems like swollen and bleeding gums, pyorrhea, yellow teeth and sensitivity. 

Suggested use: In the morning and before bed time
Advice: Children below 7 use as advised by a doctor.

The 100 grams Dant Kanti comes in a regular tube. It has good smell like Dabur Red paste and the colour is dark brown. The paste is nice smooth and spreads on the tooth brush easily. As soon I put it in the mouth it tasted like Dabur red paste but a bit less strong. It gives good foam like any regular toothpaste brands. After thoroughly cleaning teeth and gums, I felt a comfortable freshness in my mouth. It is not strong like pepsodent or colgate. Teeth and gums looked much better. 

I have been using regular TOOTHPASTE brands from my childhood , as far as I noticed they just made my teeth white only if I brush for longer time and they failed to protect my teeth from decaying. Dant kanti scores good in making your teeth white even in short brushing duration and I am pretty sure Patanjali Dant kanti will prevent cavities when we use regularly.  


> Go for natural 
> Hope it is not like other toothpastes that failed
( but used them daily!!! Pity myself. ) for years.
> Hope good dental care at shockingly lowest price Rs 40 for a 100 g tube.

(* This article is not a promotion. We are not paid by any company.)
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Top and Best Kajal and Kohl Pencil for Beautiful Eyes

Kajal is the most important product beauty that women use regularly. It improves the overall look and beauty of women. Sometimes in these busy lifestyle, ladies do not have much time to do makeup, so by using best kajal brand, just with small kajal swipe their eyes will look exceptionally beautiful. It enhances the overall beauty of women. 

Women have become more conscious about the brands they buy, be it Kajal or some other beauty product. There are many Kajal eyes best brands you can buy online or at stores. When selecting a Kajal, you should take care of few points like
  • Quality of the Kajal, it depends entirely on the brand.
  • How long it lasts
  • Smudge proof
  • Ingredients used in the product
There are popular and best Kajal brands like Maybelline, L'oreal Paris, Lakme, we are listing here to help you out in choosing the right product to make your eyes look ravishing.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal
This kajal one can last upto 12 hours, which doesn't fade and also smudge proof. It's intense rich colour and water proof propertiies make it one of the best kajals that women use. It has vitamin E to comfort eyes from any irritation. Buy 0.35g for Rs 210.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 
Eyeconic Kajal is the best selling kajal and off-course women say many good things about it like it gives the intense black colour in one gentle stroke, very smooth and easy to apply and it is smudge proof and lasts for up to 10 hours. Lakme Eyeconic is available in black, blue, brown, green, grey and white colours in the price range of Rs 180 to Rs 275. 
L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique 
Kajal Magique has got some features that can make you choose this one to make your eyes stunning. It is enriched with olive oil, cocoa butter and vitamin c properties to prevent irritaon and soothe eyes.  You can also use it as eyeliner. It is smudge and waterproof, can last up to 12 hours. It costs in between Rs 150 to Rs 275. 

Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil Black 
This eye liner pencil can give you precise smooth and powdery finish. It is easy to blend and will give a smooth matte look to make your eyes look so beautiful that you always wanted. Get 1.14g for Rs 215.   

Himalaya Herbals Kajal 
It is enriched with almond oil, castor oil, damask rose to cool and nourish eyes. It's natural properties make it a kajal that is suitable to most of the skin types and not just that but also help in improving eye health. Get 2.7g for Rs 120. 

Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal 
Lotus has its name in good beauty products. Lotus kajal can improve the way your eyes look. It's natural ingredients like almond oil and camphor will give the bright look you wanted and also cool your eyes. A 4g pack price is about Rs 125.

These are few of the available best kajal brands. We will update the list with latest kajal and other beauty products for your beautiful eyes. If you know any other good products share them via comments below.
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Airtel 2G,3G/4G Data Plans in Mumbai Region for Prepaid

Vince on 08 January, 2016 | 10:57 am

08 January, 2016

Information related to Airtel 2G,3G,4G internet data plans for Mumbai region. Various online internet plans from Airtel for customers in Mumbai region.

2G Data Plans

MRP (in Rupees) Validity Details
17 2 Days 70 MB 2G Data
25 3 Days 100 MB 2G Data
46 6 Days 185 MB 2G Data
56 7 Days 225 MB 2G Data
72 9 Days 275 MB 2G Data
98 12 Days 400 MB 2G Data
109 13 Days 425 MB 2G Data
118 14 Days 150 MB 2G Data
128 15 Days 512 MB 2G Data
154 19 Days 625 MB 2G Data
175 28 Days 1 GB 2G Data
198 28 Days 2GB 2G Data after 2GB usage
unlimited at 40 kbps
248 28 Days 3GB 2G Data after 3GB usage
unlimited at 40 kbps

3G/4G Data Recharge Plans

698 28 Days 3 GB 3G Data, after 3GB usage
unlimited at 80kbps
898 28 Days 4 GB 3G Data, after 4GB usage
unlimited at 80kbps
951 28 Days 4.25 GB 3G Data, after 4.25 GB
usage unlimited at 80kbps
1097 28 Days 5 GB 3G Data, after 5 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
1255 28 Days 6 GB 3G Data, after 6 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
1399 28 Days 7 GB 3G Data, after 7 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
1555 28 Days 8 GB 3G Data, after 8 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
1857 28 Days 10 GB 3G Data, after 10 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
1999 28 Days 11 GB 3G Data, after 11 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps
2499 28 Days 14.5 GB 3G Data, after 14.5 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps speed
2999 28 Days 17 GB 3G Data, after 17 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbps speed
4999 28 Days 31 GB 3G Data, after 31 GB
usage unlimited data at 80kbp speed
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Airtel Prepaid Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Mobile 2G,3G,4G Internet packs

Vince on 06 January, 2016 | 10:17 pm

06 January, 2016

Airtel Prepaid Internet Packs

Information and details about the Airtel Prepaid Mobile Tariff plans in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Region. 2G Internet plans, 3G/4G Data plans

(in Rupees)
Validity  Details
2G Internet Packs
19 3 Days 80 MB 2G Data
25 3 Days 100 MB 2G Data
48 6 Days 200 MB 2G Data
54 7 Days 200 MB 2G Data

8 Days 250 MB 2G Data
75 10 Days  300 MB 2G Data
96 14 Days 400 MB 2G Data
105 14 Days 425 MB 2G Data
109 14 Days 550 MB 2G Data
128 14 Days 600 MB 2G Data
175 25 Days 1 GB MB 2G Data
198 28 Days 1.25GB 2G data + unlimited 2G speed at 40 Kbps
202 28 Days 1GB 2G + 100 MB Facebook + 100 MB WhatsApp
248 25 Days 3GB 2G + Unlimited at 40 Kbps
256 28 Days 3GB 2G + Unlimited at 40 Kbps
298 28 Days 3.5 GB 2G + Unlimited 2G at 40 Kbps
3G/4G Internet Packs
30 Days   
125 MB Whatsapp. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music


5 Days
135 MB 3G Data


2 Days
1 GB 3G Data


14 Days
650 MB 3G Data

14 Days 700 MB 3G Data
228 14Days          750 MB 3G Data
247 28 Days 800 MB 3G Data
255 25 Days 1 GB 3G Data
28 Days

1 GB 3G Data
297 28 Days 1.25GB 3G data. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
309 28 Days 1.25 GB 3G + Wynk Plus for 28days
28 Days
1.25 GB 3G + Wynk plus + 75 MB FB + 75 MB Whatsapp for 28days
497 28 Days 2.25 GB 3G
655 28 Days 3GB 3G data + Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
699 28 Days 3.5 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G@80 Kbps
755 28 Days 4GB 3G data+ Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
799 28 Days 4.5 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G@80 Kbps for 28days
855 28 Days 5GB 3G data+ Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
897 28 Days 5.5 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G@80 Kbps
955 28 Days 6GB 3G data+ Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
1098 28 Days 3GB 3G data (25p/MB post 3GB) + Unlimited A2A Local calls + 100 SMS/day + Wynk Music (Unlimited) + Wynk Movies (5 movies/month). Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
28 Days
7.5 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G@80 Kbps
1255 28 Days 9GB 3G data+ Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music


28 Days
10 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G@80 Kbps
28 Days
12GB 3G data+ Unlimited 2G speed at 80 Kbps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
1749 28 Days 5GB 3G data (25p/MB post 5GB) + Unlimited Local calls + 100 SMS/day + Wynk Music (Unlimited) + Wynk Movies (Unlimited). Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
28 Days
10GB of 3G data + Unlimited @ 80Kps. Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
2249 28 Days 7GB 3G data (25p/MB post 7GB) + Unlimited Local calls , STD & Roaming + 100 SMS/day + Wynk Music (Unlimited) + Wynk Movies (Unlimited). Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
3249 28 Days 15GB 3G data (25p/MB post 15GB) + Unlimited Local calls, STD & Roaming + 100 SMS/day + Wynk Music (Unlimited) + Wynk Movies (Unlimited). Unlimited song downloads on Wynk Music
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Apple is making more thin,bright and power efficient displays in Taiwan

Vince on 15 December, 2015 | 3:20 pm

15 December, 2015
Apple Inc is developing new display technologies to use in its devices. According to the reports Apple Inc has set up a new facility in northern Taiwan to make its own displays to use in iPhone, iPad and other devices.The company has posted job openings for engineer positions to work at its Longtan facility in Taiwan.

Currently Apple is buying its displays from suppliers like Sharp Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., LG Display Co., Japan Display Inc. It is a clear indication that Apple is planning to lower dependency on other companies in developing its products.

According to Bloomberg, Apple Inc is developing displays which are much thinner, bright, lighter and power efficient. The company is focusing more on O LED's which are considered energy saving.  Also if every thing goes well we can see Apple devices with a bit cheap price tag too.
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Best Samrtphones to buy this Diwali

Vince on 08 November, 2015 | 11:48 pm

08 November, 2015

Are you looking to buy a new mobile phone for this year Diwali festival ? Then you are in luck. There are a lot of mobile phones listed on e-commerce websites like, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many others sources at cheap prices and attractive offers. We are are giving you a list of some smartphones that might interest you. 

1. Xiaomi Mi 4i
This good looking smartphone has an impressive 5 inch HD Capacitive touchscreen. 13 megapixel back camera and 5 MP front camera make this a good choice for this Diwali. It runs on 2GB RAM and has 16GB internal storage. This dual SIM smartphone has 3120 mAH battery. 
Price: Mi 4i is available online at about Rs 10000 on some websites.

2. Moto E 2nd Generation 3G
The latest cheap lowcost 3G  smartphone from Motorola is Moto E XT1506 could be your best choose for this Diwali. This Android 5.0 operating system smartphone has 4.5 inch HD IPS capacitive touchscreen.The 5 MP primary camera doesn't let you down and 0.3 MP front camera is reasonably good at this price from Motorola. It has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory which is expandable upto 32GB. It is a dual SIM smartphone with 2390 mAH Li-ion battery. 
Price: About Rs 5000/-

3. Lenovo A6000 
Lenovo A6000 is a noteworthy smartphone which have features like 8 MP primary camera with LED flash and 2 MP front camera for selfies. Display size is 5 inch and runs on 1 GB RAM and internal storage is 8GB which is expandable upto 32GB. 2300 mAH battery. Dual SIM. 4G. 
Price: About Rs 6500/- 

4. OnePlus One
One of the top selling smartphones OnePlus One is stylish looking smartphone with some impressive specifications. This powerful 3GB RAM smartphone has 64GB internal memory. OnePlus One smartphone features a 5.5 inch touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. The primary camera is 13 MP with dual LED flash and 5 megapixel front camera is good for selfies. It has 4G and all other connectivity specs. Battery capacity is 3100 mAh. It is a single SIM card smartphone.
Price:  in between Rs 16000 - Rs 18000 

5. Coolpad Note 3
This is the one smartphone that has attracted good number of buyers from the newly released smartphones this season. This smartphone has got good looks, cool specifications and reasonable price. Coolpad Note 3 has 5.5 inch has IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. This smartphone has built in finger print sensor to unlock the screen which is less seen feature in this price range smartphones. 13MP main camera, 5MP front camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory ( expandable upto 64GB ), Android 5.1 OS, 3000 mAh battery, Dual SIM (4G+4G) are specifications that make this smartphone a premium. 
Price: approx Rs 9000 

There are also other smartphones you can check like Yu Yuphoria on Android, Mi Redmi 2, Microsoft Lumia 535, Karbonn Titanium Machfive and HTC Desire 620G. 

Our winner is Coolpad Note 3 which offers premium features at reasonable price tag.

Note: Prices are approximate. Please check from various sources for a better deal.
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